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ATUC-VU Voting Unit

The ATUC-VU connects to the ATUC-50DUa discussion unit, and is usable within ATUC-50 systems. The unit is equipped with six push buttons with corresponding LED indicators, the functions of which are assigned by IP Control. The VU can be used as an expansion panel to control volume up/down, permit next in request-to-speak conference mode, or trigger playback of prerecorded audio files. The unit also has an NFC card reading function, with ID numbers transmitted to an external control PC via IP Control. Collected votes are managed and saved on the control PC.

Power for the voting unit is supplied by the ATUC-50DUa extension terminal (RJ-11 modular terminal). Up to 300 voting units can used in a system (when three CU Links are connected).


  • ATUC-VU voting units connect to ATUC-50DUa discussion units in ATUC-50 systems (max 300 voting units when three CU Links are connected)